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Deadly Betties is a softcore international (But primarily NA based) guild comprised of adults who don't act their age. We're a lovable group of snarky individuals who enjoy discussing Gaming news, laughing at YouTube videos, poking fun at one another, and trolling new members. While we do get a kick out of behaving like jackasses we do take many things seriously. We have huge hopes of having a positive influence on the Gaming community and have already begun planning  community events. We're also fairly serious about completing missions, quests, and things of the like without too many "herp-derp" moments---but we will laugh it up when we do screw up. We view Gaming as an opportunity to have fun and unwind after a long day. We will never treat a game as though it is more important than real life. We actually encourage members to do what makes them happiest and if that means personal time away from the keyboard, then by all means do it.

We are the type of guild that does things on the fly. We'll randomly meet up for a bar fight then do a naked conga lines. We're also insane enough to do a dungeon in the buff just for the laughs. Whatever we intend to do, you know we'll do it with a smile on our face and a snicker in our voice.

If you're interested in joining us, you should fill out an application. If you're curious about Deadly Betties you can do many things! You can directly contact the leader (Deathtrain) at, join Enjin to browse our forums more in-depth, read the "About Us", or check out the Q&A. Whether you join us or not, we look forward to gaming with you.

Hello friends and other sexy beasts!

It's been a long while since we saw you last, but you have most certainly not been forgotten! I just wanted to send a mail out to you guys to let you know about some stuff coming up in GW2 soon! As you may, or may not know already, Anet are releasing GW2's first expansion on October 23rd! Check out the trailer Here!

The expansion is bringing, Guild Halls, Raids, new zones, new Specialisations, a new Class, new and improved versions of WvW and PvP, and loads more ways to make adventuring through Tyria look, oh so good; Legendary armour, Backpieces, new Legendary Weapons, and new ways to get those darn precursors without dumping all your cash into the mystic toilet!

The site has also had some updates in the form of over all cleaning, removed the never used PVP section, automatised some tags, a bit of re-organizing of modules. Unfortunatly we have also removed some peoples admin tag, but these are from people who haven't been active in litteraly years. If anyone has any complaints or have returned and found them self missing a tag or two then please say and we'll gladly have a chat about it! 

Of others things we’re currently starting up are, a Wildstar F2P guild, delving into Albion Online’s beta starting next month, a modded Minecraft server provided pro bono and perhaps a Gary’s Mod server as well! If any of those things sound awesome and totally a thing you’d be into then why not with us?

We'd love to see you in game again, as we set out on these new adventures together! If you do decide to start playing again, but find that you are no longer in the guild, then please don't hesitate to whisper any of the officer, or leave us a message here on the forum, to ask to be reinvited ! Some of you guys have been gone literally for years, and we have done what we can to keep the guild going strong! At the same time, here we are seeking you out because we want you to share these new experiences with us!

We hope to see your sexy butts again!